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Wellbeing Stories and Books

At Manor Primary School we are very fortunate to have an ever expanding library of books which focus on feelings and emotions. These books are shared during whole class reading sessions, and are also used in PSHE lessons to support and extend learning. If there are any books which you would like to borrow to read at home with your child, then please contact your class teacher or Mrs Rogers.

The books which we have in school currently includes;

(EYFS and KS1)
  • When Sadness Come To Call—Eland (2019)
  • Perfectly Norman—Percival (2017)
  • The Worrysaurus—Bright and Chatterton (2019)
  • My Many Coloured Days—Dr Seuss (1973)
  • Ruby’s Worry—Percival (2017)
  • After The Fall—Santat (2017)
  • The Koala Who Could—Bright and Field (2016)
  • Ravi’s Roar—Percival (2019)
  • While We Can’t Hug—McLaughlin and Dunbar (2020)
  • The Jar of Happiness—Burrows (2015)
  • Grobblechops—Laird and Lucander (2019)
  • The Invisible String—Karst (2000)
  • How Not To Lose It—Williamson (2019)
  • Cloud Boy—Williams (2019)
  • Me and My Feelings—Green Allen (2019)
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy—O’Neill (2018)
  • I Go Quiet—Ouimet (2019)
  • The Huge Bag of Worries—Ironside (1996)
  • Wisp—Fraillon and Baker-Smith (2018)
  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today - McCloud (2016)
  • The Heart and The Bottle—Jeffers (2010)
  • All The Things That Could Go Wrong—Foster (2017)
  • The Unworry Book—James and Moncrieff (2019)
  • What To Do When You Worry Too Much—Hebner and Matthews (2005)
  • The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse—Mackesy (2019)
  • No Worries—Coombes (2017)
  • Outsmarting Worry—Huebner (2018)
  • The Goldfish Boy—Thompson (2017)
  • Looking After Your Mental Health— James and Stowell (2018)

During the periods of lockdown over the last few months, Mrs Rogers began to share some of our favourite wellbeing and emotion stories vis our Google Classroom. Here are the links for the videos if you would lie to listen to any of them again: