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Mathematics at Manor
Curriculum Intent: Retention of Knowledge


We intend to build a Mathematical curriculum that:  

  • deepens understanding, confidence, competence and retention of knowledge in maths
  • creates a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress
  • allows children to be a part of inspiring and engaging lessons that will give them a range of opportunities to develop an OPEN-MINDEDNESS in their approach to  mathematics,  
  • gives each pupil a chance to demonstrate high ASPIRATIONS of themselves as mathematicians and develop the power of RESILIENCE and determination when faced with mathematical challenges
  • recognises that mathematics underpins much of our daily lives and therefore is of overriding importance for children to become successful in the next stages of their learning
  • makes connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems
  • provides equal opportunities for children to apply their mathematical knowledge to other subjects (cross-curricular links)
  • is in line with the expectations in the National Curriculum 2014.


Mathematics is planned for, following an approach in line with the EYFS Framework and KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum. Our planning is informed (but not dictated) by the White Rose Maths Hub scheme. Teachers can use or adapt activities for fluency, reasoning and mastery of tasks within each learning journey. The calculation policy is used within school to ensure a consistent approach to teaching the four operations over time. At the start of each new topic, key vocabulary is introduced and revisited regularly to develop language acquisition, embedding as the topic progresses. All lessons begin with a short assessment (e.g. 5 a-day) to support retrieval practice and develop long-term memory.


Pupils will make at least good progress in Maths from their last point of statutory assessment or from their starting point in EYFS or KS1. Pupils will use their Mathematic knowledge and skills, in all curriculum areas, to enable them to have a deep understanding, confidence, competence and retention of knowledge in the subject.  Children will demonstrate a quick recall of facts and procedures. This includes the recollection of their times tables and the opportunity to develop the ability to recognise relationships and make connections in maths lessons. Mathematical concepts are mastered when a child can show it in multiple ways, using the mathematical language to explain their ideas, and can independently apply the concept to new problems in unfamiliar situations. 

White Rose Maths Long Term Overviews

Swans Year 1/2 Year 1(orange) Year 2 (blue) 

Owls Year 3/4 Year 3 (orange) Year 4 (green)

 Penguins Year 5/6 Year 5 (purple) Year 6 (blue)