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Robins and Ducklings had an amazing day out at Tamworth Castle.

Robins and Ducklings really enjoyed their recent trip to Tamworth Castle. The children were really well-behaved - a credit to the school and themselves. We walked up and down a lot of steps hunting for Ruby the dragon. She had left quite a few clues in our hunt to find her, such as the shiny things she likes to collect - and the sparkly green dragon poo! Robins and Ducklings eventually tracked her down in one of the fabulous rooms of the castle - fast asleep under a blanket in a wardrobe! We had lunch in one of the rooms in the castle, and did a little more exploring after lunch. The staff were all really helpful and cheerful, which made the visit go even more smoothly. Once we finished in the castle, we even had some time to spend in the playground of the Castle Grounds - which went down really indeed. All-in-all, we had a fantastic day out. And a big thank you to all the parents - those who helped on the trip and all of those for dropping off and picking up too. Thanks.