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Super Scientists

As part of our work on transition to secondary school, Penguins class were visited this week by the staff from Rawlett for some fun science lessons. 

Bouncy balls, troll hair and rockets were the focus of our fantastic science lesson from the science team at Rawlett. Children took part in three science activities designed to showcase how much fun science can be in secondary school.  Children learnt (with the aid of some felt pens and special paper) that colours in felt pens such as purple are made by combing other colours such as blue and red just like when we do colour mixing in art. In another activity, we learnt that heat from boiling water can make some plastics change shape and finally we learnt that mixing chemicals together can create an exchange in gases. 

A great morning was had by all and the team at Rawlett commented on how well-behaved and knowledgeable our pupils were. Well done Penguins and thank you Team Rawlett.