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Ahoy Me Hearties

Pirates Ahoy! We've had lots of fun finding out about pirates from the past. Now - walk the plank!

Robins and Ducklings recently set sail to learn all about pirates. The stimulus for this came from all the dressing up that had been taking place, with lots of the pirate costumes attracting particular attention. As a result, we changed our plans to learn about pirates. It was a good way to look back into the past, find out about different places in the world and read some great pirate stories. The children were particularly interested in the real people who adopted the pirate way of life, like Black Beard, Black Bart and Captain William Kidd. Black Bart was particularly successful - capturing over four hundred other ships in as little as three years! Aside from all of the interesting learning that was taking place, there was lots of creative and artistic endeavours taking place - hopefully, you'll get a sense of this from the photographs. And much like our class rules, the pirates had to adhere to their pirate code, a real thing that was drawn up on each pirate ship. Now... walk the plank!!