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Forest School

Year 1 and Year 5 coming to an end of their forest school sessions next week.

For the past 8 weeks Year 5 and Year 1 have been attending Forest School. They have done a great many things whilst down there such as stick whittling, cairn building, (these are the stone stacks that you may see when on the beach. We have asked the children if they go anywhere and make one to get a photo so we can see how high they have managed to get. Out current champion has managed 10 stones!)  bug collecting, clay hedgehogs, tree guardians, boat building and of course den building.

They changed from being very cautious where mud is involved and not wanting to get even a speck on them – to playing in the wet mud with no abandon and coming back covered with mud and dirt in general.  We were, however, very lucky with the weather on most weeks. There was just one week where we all got soaked in the rain.

We also seem to have a pet pheasant who was quite content to be there whilst we were. Mind you, he will probably make himself scarce when he sees us cooking over a campfire next week (s’mores only – no game bird roasts!) when we invite Year 2 and Year 6 down to join the other half of their class for the final session.