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An Eggs-cellent Eggs-periment!

Our science was so eggs-citing!

Before the Easter break, Robins and Ducklings had an eggs-cellent (sorry...) time investigating just how strong an eggshell can be. One of the investigations involved balancing a large number of objects on top of a tray with eggs underneath. The children were very surprised to see just how many things they could fit on the tray. Needless-to-say, there is a breaking point, and some of the children found it! We did later use eight eggs rather than four eggs and got one of our Ducklings to stand on top of the tray. Many children thought the eggs would crack, but they didn't! We also tested who was strong enough to squeeze an egg until it cracked. As it happens, no-one was! You could try this experiment at home; take a raw eggs and wrap it tightly in clingfilm. Then twist the top of the excess clingfilm to form a handle at the top. Now, try squeezing the egg in the palm of your hand to see if you can crack it. You'll be amazed at just how strong the shell is!