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Singers Hill Synagogue Visit

Penguins Class had a wonderful afternoon learning about the Jewish place of worship - The Synagogue. 

A great afternoon was spent learning first hand what it is like to be a modern day Jew and why their place of worship is so special. We were shown around one of the UK's largest and most wonderful synagogues - Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham.  

We were met by Geff who explained the history of the building and why it is such a special place for Jews. We were first led into the Children's Synagogue where we learnt about how the synagogue faces east in the direction of Jersuelem. We saw the 'Ark' and the 10 commandments plaque which is placed above to show that Jews live by these 'rules'. The Ark contains the Torah Schrolls which tell the story of the Jews and the first 5 books from the bible. After our time in the Children's Synagogue, we were taken into the main Synagogue where we were wowed by the wonderful colours of blue, red and gold and by the magnificent stained-glass windows which are used to give a message in symbols.  

The children impressed Geff with their knowledge on the Jewish religion and behaved impeccably. Well done Penguins, and we look forward to recreating some stained-glass window art in our art lessons this week.